How We Built Our Recording Studio With Blue Window Films


Windows in our recording studio tinted blue.
Windows in our recording studio tinted blue.

It took us several month to figure out exactly what we wanted. I’ve come a long way from the make shift studio I had set up in my basement. This time I planned to do it right by carefully measuring everything out and constulted the Hamilton Glass Experts tinting guys to install that blue tinted film you see in this picture. The overall project might seam simple but once you realize the wiring and sound issues you also realize that it take a lot of planning.

A few things to consider when taking on a big project like this, is how much is it going to cost? And if I’m getting a good deal from a coupon or something for the tinting, is it going to be worth it in the end. Always do your research. Ask contractor for previous work and see if they are up to the standard you’de like your stuff to be built.

There’s a few things you know your going to need. So after you’ve decided if you’ll be doing the work or you want to hire someone, like we did to install the window films. You’ll want to price out everything. Your going to need all the correct extension for chords. You can find a complete list on most big audio sites like Bose. Of course you’ll want to pick out a solid microphone and stand if you don’t use a structure to hang it down. We desided to go old school and attach it to the wall in front of the double window with the blue tints. The biggest purchase you’re going to have to make is your computer. All the best recordng studios out there use mac so I highly remmend just going that route. It will cost you more but will save a lot of headaches. If you decide to go pc you’ll potentially end up with a virus and it will all have been a waste anyways, so just go ahead and splurge a little here. It’s the item you’ll be using everyday!

When we sit down now to work on our script for writing jungles we have the less dungeony feel with the blue ambiance from the tinted windows that enhances our creativity. Its a nice touch and I’de say don’t go with a plane look. Make it unique to what you do. In my case I need to be upbeet as oppose to my Death Metal days. So going with a color like blue was a no-brainer. In my business it’s all about getting track out in high quality but fast as possible, the more I can crank out and send to business the better. So my studio is set up in a way that i’m either in brainstorm mode behind the computer or in recording mode on the other side of the windows. One thing I’ll also mention is we added tempered glass windows to get the upmost sounds leakage prevention available. Sound proofing is obviously a big concer when building your own studio. Don’t cheap out on the windows for sure and make a habit of doing through research befor egoing out and throwing down any money.

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